What to do if your birthday is in quarantine.

Uncountable people will have a birthday during quarantine, and even if you don’t, I’m sure that a friend or family member will. So, to make sure that your day is as good as can be regarding the current circumstances, I’ve put together this post to help you. 

 1. Post it quick.                                                                                                                                    If your friend or family member has a birthday coming up, I’d recommend posting their card and present as soon as possible, because all unnecessary post is taking a lot longer than usual to get to places, so the sooner you post something the better, because it will have more chance of getting there in time.

2.  Have a garden party… of sorts. 

If you live on a street and you and your neighbours all have front gardens, why not suggest having a party outside on all of your lawns, therefore maintaining the two meter distancing rule, but also allowing you to have a fun time with friends and neighbours. 

3.  Video call friends and family. 

There are loads of different apps like Houseparty or Zoom that you, friends and family can download so that you can all talk on them. Not only can you do this on your birthday, but also daily, or whenever you feel like it. It’s important to remain in touch with friends and family during quarantine, and these apps help a lot. 

4.  Write signs. 

Wether you put signs in your windows to wish happy birthday to neighbours, or put them in your car as you drive past a friend’s house, it’s a great way to say happy birthday without getting too close. Alternatively, you could sing happy birthday from your window, house or car.

5.  Decorations.

As you’ll know if you read my post from yesterday, my brother had his 4th birthday at the weekend. Little did we know, when we were all sleeping, our neighbours snuck out and decorated the front of our house with banners and happy birthday signs. My brother absolutely loved it when he woke up the next morning, and I thought it was a really nice thing to do.

6.  Order a takeaway.

Even if you can’t get hold of any ingredients to make a cake or cook a nice meal, there’s always takeaways. You could order it for someone in your own house, or even for someone else if you know where they live. Make sure you know their favourite takeaway and don’t just guess though!

7. Make a film or video. 

If, for whatever reason, you can’t drive to someone’s house to sing them happy birthday, you could always film yourself singing it or tell them a message and send it to them. Alternatively, you could send them a text saying something similar. 

I hope this will help you have a good birthday in quarantine, and just remember that even though it won’t be perfect, we can all still have a good time. Have a nice birthday! Xoxo.

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