Six Reasons A New Build House Is Worth Considering

Having lived in older character properties most of my adult life, I would be lying if I said that a new build was what I would have imagined when I thought of my ideal home.

Yet a new build is exactly what we have just bought. And I have to admit that despite my reservations about living in a ‘square box’ it is a house I love – and for our family it works better than I could ever have imagined.

Here’s Why…..

  1. No one else has ever lived here. There truly is something exciting about the fact that everything is the way you want it to be. And knowing no-one has ever been sick on your bedroom carpet isn’t bad either.
  2. It is incredibly fast to clean. No nooks and crannies and awkward holes to fish spiders out of. It actually makes me quite enjoy the job, not least because once we have cleaned the bright white walls make it actually look clean.
  3. It is warm. In fact it is warmer than any house I have ever lived in. Of course the price to pay for this incredibly well insulated house is terrible mobile signal inside its walls. But hey, I’ll take warmth and Wi-Fi calling any time!
  4. It is quiet. In my mind new builds were like cardboard with every single noise heard throughout. And once that might have been true, but certainly not now. Whether the noise is internal or external I’ve been impressed by how little I can hear.
  5. It is light and bright. After years of living in older houses with tiny windows I am loving living somewhere so open and light.
  6. It is safe. The window openings are high, the fence is tall and I can relax knowing our little escape artist is totally safe inside his home.
Six Reasons A New Build House Is Worth Considering

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