Packing For Your Disney Cruise

There is nowhere I love packing for more than a Disney Cruise, we have a suitcase full of extras, little things that are guaranteed to make our trip even more special. It’s a lost that has both grown and been refined over the years, so it’s well worth taking a look if this is your first trip.

Pirate Costumes

This one is not top of the list by accident. Pirate night onboard the ships is a huge deal, not least because Disney are one of very few cruise lines who are allowed to let off fireworks at sea. All of the cast and crew have special costumes for the event, and many of the guests dress up too. Pirate costumes are available on the ship, but we usually take ours with it. Standard ones are totally fine, but if you are looking for something special it’s possible to commission Etsy sellers to make costumes just like Mickey’s and Minnie’s.

Costumes In General

If you are cruising with small children costumes really are a must. When Laura was small, her costumes took up at least half of my suitcase. We used to buy a new one onboard each time we cruised as a special treat, but taking more with us meant she could spend far more time dressed up. Which made every day a special one. Even when Juan was tiny we made sure he had a couple of costumes so he felt part of the atmosphere. For older children (and indeed adults) Disney themed T-Shirts and accessories are a great added touch. 

Door Magnets

Every bedroom door on the ship is identical, so if older children are going to be roaming independently making or buying magnets to add to your stateroom door can be a fantastic idea. The door is magnetic, so adding them is a quick and easy way to personalise. Lots of people make Mickey ears to go over their door number, and magnets announcing particular special occasions are also really popular.

Fish Extenders and Gifts

If you love extra surprises, search for Disney Fish Extender Groups on Facebook or Google, and you can join with others on your cruise in leaving little gifts for each other throughout your stay onboard. The Fish refers to a meta fish outside each room which is perfect for hanging things on. Whilst Fish Extenders – essentially fabric with pockets sewn on can be bought from Etsy or of course handmade.

Cadbury’s Chocolate and Thank You Cards

Disney staff unfailingly go the extra mile to ensure everyone has an amazing time, and over the years we have had more than our fair share of incredibly magical moments as well as some fantastic service. We always like to give a small gift at the end, and have round that Cadbury’s chocolate always goes down particularly well. 

Waterproof Shoes

If you are taking children who aren’t toilet trained, they won’t be allowed into the main pool area. There is however a fantastic splash zone designed just for them. Swimming shoes, or other waterproof shoes with good grips on the bottom are a great way to avoid mishaps – although it is designed to be as safe as possible it’s easy to get excited and fall when you are ,little and splashing in the water. 

Memory Card

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget to pack a spare memory card for your camera. Magical moments are guaranteed, and you definitely won’t want to miss any because you’ve run out of space.

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