More things to do during quarantine.

Yes, I’ve already done one of these posts, but I think that they’re really useful for everyone, especially as the holidays are here. So, I’ve put together another list that I hope will help everyone.

  1. Make your own board game. 

Yes, I said to play board games last week, but this is slightly different. This Christmas I got a really cool book that has 100s of board game templates that you can rip out and design, as well as numerous suggestions for the rules and everything. I’ve actually made a game the other day using one of the templates, and I  gave it to my neighbour’s children to have a go at. I’d definitely recommend the book, and I’ve attach a photo of it and the game that I made to give you suggestions for what to do with yours. Of course, you don’t need to make your own board games necessarily, you could always think up another type of game, like a different version of tig or a better version of hide and seek. 

2. Enter a competition.

There is such a variety of different competitions out there, all you have to do is type in your interest into a search engine, like ‘short story competitions’ or ‘photography competitions’. Lots of these are free and online, so anyone can take part. Good luck!

3. Cook or bake.

Whether you’d rather bake a batch of cupcakes or cook a roast dinner, it’s up to you. Make sure that you or your family will eat what you make, because of all times, this is definitely not the best time to cause food waste! Make sure to use ingredients that won’t go to waste and can be used another time if you won’t use it all in one recipe. I would recommend looking at your own cookbooks or at for recipes, because they’re far more reliable and more likely to work and turn out well. 

4. Try your hand at crafting.

This is definitely not my type of thing, but many people enjoy it, so maybe you will too. You could buy a crafting kit or knit or sew, or even do some junk modelling. Junk modelling would be a great thing to do, as not only is it a fun activity and pastime, but it’s also good for the environment by recycling what might not be recycled otherwise. 

5. Set up a website.

This is exactly what I’ve done, but it doesn’t have to be anything like this if you don’t want it to. It could be about anything; cooking, gaming… literally anything you want. The limit is your imagination. You don’t have to set up a website either, it could be a YouTube channel or something else like that. You could even do both; whatever you want! I’d recommend deciding on what age group you think will like what you’re doing, and try to show your website or channel to people of that group, so you can get feedback on it from their point of view. 

That’s all for now, cya everybody! Xoxo.

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