Dear world 2.

Hello everyone again, I’m back now with another one of my ‘dear world’ posts, and for anyone wondering what these are, I thought I’d better just explain. I’m hoping to post these every Monday, and here I’ll be writing about things that affect me, or my view on various things, and hopefully you’ll be able to relate, but if not then you might learn something new. It’s called ‘dear world’ because I wan the world to know what’s happening and see how it affects different people, allowing you to see a glimpse of the world outside of your doorstep. But now, let’s get into the post.

It was my brothers birthday at the weekend, and although he had a good time, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, and all the others who have a birthday in this quarantine. I felt especially sorry for the younger ones who do, because they just don’t understand. My brother just turned 4, and he was looking forward to his party so much, and he was devastated when it didn’t happen. Of course, we’ll still have the party when all of this is over, but he doesn’t understand, and he thinks that he’s been naughty so we’ve cancelled the party as a punishment. My mum and stepdad did their best to make the day fun, and luckily it was a nice day overall. To give everyone else ideas for what to do on their birthdays or for the people’s you know, I’ll be writing a post sometime this week on what you can do. 

The holidays are here now as well, and although some schools are still setting work, my school and lots of others aren’t, so now we have two weeks of nothing to do. Not fun, but at least we don’t have to do work. It’s also funny how I end up working longer now than I did when we were actually at school, because of how much work the teachers actually set us, and then expect us to finish it all. So, I usually end up doing schoolwork for an hour longer than when the school day should finish, and I still often have work left to do. How does that work? Just because we can’t go out of the house doesn’t mean we want to be bombarded with schoolwork! 

Talking about school, I found something this week that actually shocked me quite a bit. Search up into safari ‘school makes me’ and see what the suggestions are. I’ll let you discover what the most common searches are, but let me tell you something straight; school should not be like that. We spend so much of our lives there, and if it makes people those things that much, then something needs to be done, like I said last week, and this is just proof. 

That’s it for today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with another post, and make sure to comment on what you want me to write about in the future. Ciao! Xoxo.

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