I’m Emily, a teacher, a mum and a woman in my own right. Though admittedly sometimes I need a little nudge to remember the last one. I’m also a dyslexic who studied English at Cambridge… I’ve always thrived off challenge. I love baking and Disney, and when it comes to making learning fun – I am your woman.

If someone had sat me down in my idealistic university days, and told me just how hard it was to create a life that actually works – I probably wouldn’t have believed them. I was young, I was passionate, I believed firmly that everything was possible. I had no doubts about the way my life would work out.

And then life happened. Real life.

There have been twists, turns and more than a few bumps along the road, and I’m sure before the road ends there will be far more of those to come.

Let’s just say my life hasn’t quite worked out the way my younger self imagined…

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